What to say to creditors


1. We will cc (Carbon Copy) you in on the emails when we send the letter of authority (LOA) to your creditors. This way you know it has been sent.
Creditors will continue to send letters, notices and statements up until the DA is approved. (Some will stop sending them once the DA is into the voting stage).

2. The LOA has requested that if they need to phone someone they phone our office.

3. If a creditor does call you, explain that you are having a Part 9 Debt Agreement prepared for you and that you request they call the administrator, Keith Dorahy on 0404 936 697. Explain to them that you know we have sent through the LOA.

4. You don’t have to explain anything else to them. If they become augmentative just say that you will get the administrator to contact them. Let us know that you have done this. It is very helpful if you get the name of the person and give it to us.

5. If the creditor states they do not have the LOA ask them what email address they would like it sent to and advise us. We will send it to them again or to whatever email address they have requested it to.

6. Don’t let creditors upset you, you are doing something about your debt situation and if they were reasonable and caring to you, they would understand and accept that.

7. Contact us if you have any other issues with creditors. You are always welcome to contact, Keith Dorahy direct if you have yet to speak to him. His direct number for FixDebt Solutions clients is 0421 866 422.

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